International Political Film Festival

Carcassonne, city of political cinema for a week

© J.Roche - Ville de Carcassonne

Presentation of the Festival

The International Political Film Festival (FIFP) has become the CitéCiné Festival.

The CitéCiné Festival is a film festival aimed at the general public and schoolchildren. It was created in 2018 by the Association Regard Caméra.

Founded on human and civic values, around a passion for the 7th art, it puts the spotlight on this genre, which is not just one, but whose importance, and often relevance, marks us individually and collectively.

For 5 days, CitéCiné transforms Carcassonne, its town centre and medieval heritage, into a city of French and international political cinema. Completely detached from partisan issues, the festival focuses not on the men and women of the political world, but on the political works of the world.

The Festival is back for its 6th edition

from 11th to 15th January 2024.

The sixth International Political Film Festival will be held in Carcassonne from 11 to 15 January 2024.

  • Last Minute Passes available. (3 sessions: €12)

See the programme:

Meet Ken LOACH, a master of political cinema.

British filmmaker Ken LOACH will receive an Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award at the opening of the 6th Cité Ciné Festival.

Ken LOACH, one of the greatest contemporary filmmakers, has forged an exceptional career exploring the deepest and most complex aspects of society through his committed cinematic work. Born on 17 June 1936 in Nuneaton, England, he began his career in film in the 1960s and has continued to captivate audiences with powerful and poignant films that uncompromisingly denounce society in the UK (Riff-Raff, Raining Stones, Ladybird, Carla’s Song, Sweet Sixteen, I, Daniel Blake). His films also reveal his commitment to social conflict and the fight for workers’ and illegal immigrants’ rights (The Liverpool Dockers, Bread and Roses, The Navigators, It’s a Free World!…).

Ken LOACH’s artistic commitment and political insight encourage audiences to question and rethink the world around them. The exclusive online meeting organised by the festival during the health crisis in January 2021 was a special moment.

Throughout his decades-long career, Ken LOACH has shown that cinema can be a powerful vehicle for social and political change. His ability to raise awareness and provoke debate has made him an emblematic figure of socially committed cinema.

They’ll be in Carcassonne:

What is a political movie ?

You often ask us what a political film is for us. The answer in video! (in french)