Rugby in Carcassonne

2 clubs that promote the conviviality of Carcassonne

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Discover Carcassonne from a sporting point of view. Rugby has a very important place in the life of Carcassonne with its convivial and festive aspect. At the same time, it is a real tradition in the southern families but also a desire to keep common roots throughout Occitania. Rugby is a way of bringing everyone together.

Indeed, we are talking about Occitania, Land of Rugby.

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Rugby Union

A historic club that has existe since 1899 and whose slogan is “Defending Our City”.

This professional team from Carcassonne is composed of international players and competes against cities from all over France in the Pro D2 Championship.

AS Carcassonne

Rugby League

The family club “Les Canaris” obtained its first French Championship title in 1945. Every year they demonstrate their work and results with numerous successes.

In 2022, the team demonstrate once again their competence by winning the French Elite 1 Championship. A day of celebration for the city of Carcassonne!

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