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We answer your frequently asked questions

Questions about the Medieval City of Carcassonne ?  :

Do you have to pay to enter the Medieval City ?

  • No. The Medieval City is a district of the city of Carcassonne open 24/7. It is completely free to enter as you will find houses, schools, restaurants, museums… However, the “Castle of the Counts and its adjoining ramparts” are subject to a charge, just like a museum.

How to get to the Medieval City from the Train Station ?

  • You can walk to the Medieval City, it will take you about 30 minutes.
  • You can also take Bus N°4 to the “Gare SNCF” stop, which is opposite the restaurant “La Saquette du Bristol By Fred”.
  • You can also take the Train Navette, which runs from June to September.

How to get to the Medieval City from Carcassonne ?

There are ‘La Cité‘ signs throughout the town and outside which show you the way to the Medieval City. They take you to the P0 car park just across the street from the Narbonnaise Gate.

Is the Medieval City accessible to person with reduced mobility?

  • Yes, there is a pathway for people in electric wheelchairs or accompanied with a manual wheelchair. See related information.

Are dog allowed in the Medieval City ?

  • Yes, dogs are allowed on a leash in the whole of the Medieval City except for the part of the Castle of the Counts and the Basilica of Saint-Nazaire. You can therefore take a guided tour of the streets with your pet.

Is the Medieval City lit every night ?

  • Yes, from April to September, every evening from sunset until 2am.
  • Yes, from October to March, every evening from sunset until midnight.

Pratical questions for your stay :

Where are the toilets in the City and in Carcassonne ?

  • There are many toilets in the Medieval City and in the other districts of the city. Find them on the map.

Are toilets in Carcassonne are free ?

  • Yes, all public toilets in Carcassonne are free.

Where can I withdraw money ?

  • In the Medieval City, there is an ATM in the Rue de la Porte d’Aude, opposite the Brasserie du Donjon.
  • In the Bastide, there are several banks with ATMs. You will find banks on the Boulevard Camille Pelletan, on the Place Carnot, in the Rue de Verdun, the Rue Victor Hugo

Questions about the Carcassonne Grand Fireworks Display  :

What day is the Fireworks in Carcassonne ?

  • The Carcassonne fireworks display, also known as the “Grand Firework Display of the Medieval City “, is held every year on 14 July at around 10pm.

Where to park, how to get around, where to see the Fireworks ?

  • You will find here all the information about the « Grand Firework Display ».
  • Concerning traffic and parking, a municipal decree is communicated by the Town Hall a few days before the event. We still advise you to limit your car travel as much as possible.
  • There is no reservation possible, nor is there a stand to admire this show.
bateaux au port du canal du midi à carcassonne
copyright Julien Roche - Ville de Carcassonne

Questions about the Canal du Midi :

When can we navigate on the Canal du Midi ?

  • Navigation on the Canal du Midi is possible from April to the end of October every year.

Is it possible to take a cruise on the Canal du Midi ?

Why is the Canal du Midi empty ?

  • The Canal du Midi is cleaned every year in winter, so it is empty for a few weeks.

Events in Carcassonne :

What is the programme of the Theatre and where can we buy tickets ?

  • The programme of the Théâtre Jean Alary is announced every year via their website. You can also buy your tickets there.
  • For more information you can contact them on +33 4 68 11 59 15.

What is the programme of the Carcassonne Festival and where can I buy tickets ?

  • You can find all the information about the Carcassonne Festival here.
  • For more information, you can contact them on +33 4 68 11 59 15.