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In Carcassonne and its surroundings

Occitanie is a territory conducive to the culture of wine and the surroundings of Carcassonne are no exception with many excellent grape varieties.

Carcassonne, a land of wine

Carcassonne is also a wine tourism destination and a meeting place for good wines.

A true terroir that has all the makings of a great wine. The vineyards of the appellation, a veritable showcase, surround the Medieval City. A land steeped in history, intimately linked to the imprint of the monument. The fruit of a thousand years of know-how, the wines are the result of hard work, a passion and an unbounded requirement carried by the men and women involved in their own history.


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AOC Limoux

The cultivation of vines in the Limoux region is very old. It is mentioned in the writings of the Roman historian Titus Livius, written in the first century AD. It is also prestigious, since it was in Limoux that the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of Saint-Hilaire discovered in 1544 the principle of secondary fermentation in the bottle, which made it possible to master the production of sparkling wines. Historically, the Blanquette de Limoux was the first bubbly wine in the world, preceding the appearance of the first champagnes, which were produced more recently, by almost a century. The Limoux vineyards, which have covered the hillsides above the valleys of the Aude and its tributaries since the 19th century, now have five appellations, two of which were among the first to be granted such recognition in France:

  • AOP Limoux Blanquette de Limoux : recognition in 1938
  • AOP Limoux Méthode Ancestrale : recognition in 1938
  • AOP Limoux blanc : recognition in 1959
  • AOP Crémant de Limoux : recognition in 1990
  • AOP Limoux rouge : recognition in 2004

IGP de la Cité de Carcassonne

The wines of the Cité de Carcassonne bring together passionate and demanding winegrowers. Their wines, from an exceptional terroir in the heart of the Languedoc and around the Cité de Carcassonne, have the particularity of benefiting from the double influence of 2 winds: the marine and the Cers. This harmony allows us to produce wines that are typical of this terroir.

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AOC Cabardès

East wind, West wind, such is the climatic characteristic of this western terroir, subject to Mediterranean influences. Even more than their individual characteristics, it is most of the time, thanks to the blending of the grape varieties of the appellation, that the wines of the Cabardès manage to reveal all their finesse, their elegance and their complexity. All the credit goes to the winegrowers who express in their wines the quality of the terroir that supports them, revealing the aromas of this extraordinary wild garden that surrounds the vines.

More a marriage of passion than reason, the truffle, pure treasure, object of all desires, is even offered by an aromatic trace in the great wines of the Cabardès. Wines of character, elegant and racy, generously displaying their sensory richness.


AOC Corbières

A land where the vine is close to the sky, running from the seaside to the gates of Carcassonne. This southern land, swept by the sea winds, made of rock and light, sometimes austere and mysterious, gives birth to great wines. This region is divided into eleven terroirs, each as varied as the others, both in terms of the landscapes and the people who live there. It forms a veritable kaleidoscope where the past seems to draw the future, endowing its wines with a proven character, bearing their history and deliberately modern. A land where Carignan is king, rolling the “r” under the watchful eye of the fortresses of Quéribus and Peyrepertuse, guarantors of the authenticity and the signature of the fruit of the labour of this winegrowing world. The wines of Corbières speak to us of men, of a life, of a land with the accent of the garrigues, full of sensation, emotion and temptation….

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AOC Minervois

The Minervois cru is bordered by the Canal du Midi and the Montagne Noire, over an area extending from the heights of Carcassonne. The dominant Mediterranean climate with an oceanic influence makes this appellation area a privileged terroir where the memory of a country and the history of its wines are combined. The red wines display all their charm through the presence of the voluptuous Syrah and the warm Grenache, with Carignan and Mourvèdre tempering their ardour. The combination gives the various wines power, complexity and freshness. The white and rosé wines, full of charm and happiness, seduce our taste buds with their freshness, their aromatic richness and their perfect balance. There is greatness in this terroir, you have to listen to these men and women speak, tell their stories, giving us a glimpse of the secrets of a mysterious alchemy, the gestures of their passion. Behind the technique, they offer us to share their best.

AOP Malpère

Between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, the Malepère vineyard acquired its letters of nobility at the end of 2006 with the classification as a PDO. Recognition of a terroir and the work of the winegrowers, who have been working for decades to enhance its value. The power of the Atlantic and the charm of the Mediterranean, a combination of suppleness and strength, make up the uniqueness of the wines from this “other Languedoc”. Thanks to its original climate and the diversity of its soils, the Malepère is a land of welcome for grape varieties. Grenache flirts with Merlot, Cinsault courts Cabernet Franc, while Malbec flatters Cabernet Sauvignon. A land to discover, winegrowers to meet, wines to taste

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