Where to park in Carcassonne ?

Parking in Carcassonne

Where to park in the Bastide Saint-Louis ?

Located only a twenty-minute walk from the medieval city, the Bastide Saint-Louis car parks allow you to discover both the medieval city and the local heart of Carcassonne.

  1. P3, Parking Gambetta 403 spaces: 30 minutes free then 1€ per hour.
  2. P4, Parking André Chénier 340 spaces: 30 minutes free then 1€ per hour. 
  3. P5, Parking Jacobins 211 spaces : 30 minutes free then 1€ per hour. 
  4. P, Parking MJC : 1h free then 1€ per hour.


  • Light green Zone, limited to a maximum of 2 hours: 2 hours for €1.
  • Green Zone, limited to a maximum of 5 hours: €0.50 per 35 minutes.
  • Orange Zone, limited to a maximum of 2 hours: 0.30€ for 20 minutes then 0.50€ for 30 minutes.

Where to park near the Medieval City?

Find 3 car parks near the Medieval City to allow you to discover the city quickly and efficiently.

  1. P0, Narbonnaise Gate: up to 2 hours, 1€ for 15 minutes & up to 12 hours, 0.50€ for 45 minutes.
  2. P1,  Narbonnaise Gate: up to 2h, 1€ for 15 min & up to 12h, 0.50€ for 45min.
  3. P2, Aude Gate: up to 2h, 1€ for 15 min & until 12h, 0.50€ for 45min.


Motorhomes in Carcassonne


2 motorhome parks just a stone’s throw from the Medieval City and the Bastide Saint-Louis

  1. Parking P2 -Aude Gate
  • From 20€ for 24h

Contact : +33 4 68 77 73 11

  1. Chemin Bernard Délicieux – Camping de la Cité

38 spaces, Automated (without electricity), water and drainage

  • From 15€ for 24h

Contact : +33 4 68 10 01 00

Between April 1st and October 31st, parking in accommodation mode is only authorised on these equipped areas.

Where can I park my camper van for the day? (Vehicles are not allowed to stay overnight)

Whether it is near the Medieval City or the Bastide Saint-Louis, you have several choices for parking your motor home for the day.

Parking P1, located Chemin de Montlegun, a few meters from the Medieval City. Information on +33 4 68 25 70 61

  • Parking on the Boulevard de Varsovie, located on the edge of the Bastide Saint-Louis (only during the summer school holidays)
  • The Boulevard Marcou car park in the section between rue Aimé Ramond and rue de Verdun.
  • The Route Minervoise along the Canal du Midi.
  • The Boulevard Jean Jaurès from n°28 to n°36
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By coach to Carcassonne

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Parking with a coach or bus in Carcassonne

There are 3 parks in the city of Carcassonne for different buses and coaches. These car parks are restricted, for any additional requests, we advise you to contact +33 4 68 25 70 61.

  1. Parking P1 is located at Chemin de Montlegun, a few metres from the Medieval City
  2. The parking spaces on the Boulevard de Varsovie at the edge of the Bastide Saint-Louis.
  3. The Place Général de Gaulle car park at the entrance to Rue Courtejaire.

Concerning the drop off and pick up of the groups, please follow the information below:

  • From September to June, drop off/pick up of groups is possible at the “stop minute” located in front of the Medieval City at the Narbonnaise Gate, then park at P1.
  • July and August, Drop off/pick up is not allowed at the “stop minute”, you must park directly at P1.