Eco-responsible Destination

Carcassonne is committed

The preservation of its cultural and natural heritage is essential for all destinations in the world. It is therefore important for a destination such as Carcassonne to commit to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism. To this end, the Carcassonne Municipal Tourist Office is setting up and supporting actions in favour of this cause.

The Carcassonne Municipal Tourist Office would also like to encourage all tourists coming to the area to be aware of the importance of safeguarding the unique area that is the Medieval City in order to better preserve this incredible historical site.

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Operation Clean Medieval City

The Municipal Tourist Office has joined forces with Colvaldem (Waste collecting systeme) to set up the “Operation Clean Medieval City”. The aim of this action is to distribute paper sorting bags throughout the year to enable intelligent collection of items to be recycled.  These recyclable and locally made paper bags are then thrown by the tourists in the containers placed at their disposal near the car parks. As the streets of the district are not easily accessible for collection, this makes it easier to “take out” the waste.

In addition to this action, a book of games on eco-responsibility and sorting has also been set up and offered to families throughout the summer season. The aim is to make tourists aware of the environmental and conservation issues facing the region.

Reduction of printing

With the aim of reducing our paper consumption within the Carcassonne Municipal Tourist Office, it has been decided to limit the printing of brochures and flyers as much as possible.

  • Flyers and brochures are no longer available for self-service at the Office’s reception points.
  • We invite potential visitors to download the brochures
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Biodiversity workshops

  1. In 2020, the “Carcassonne Interactive” mobile app was created with the implementation of a game at the Lac de la Cavayère. The aim is to make children aware of the richness of their environment.
  2. Workshops led by local ornithologists for the creation of birdhouses, bat houses, insect hotels and workshops on bees.

Soft mobility in Carcassonne

Promoting bicycle travel

Since the end of 2020, the city has set up self-service electric bicycles (CycloLib) in various parts of the city. The low cost of rental makes this a real asset for our destination. To accompany this dynamic, the Tourist Office has put in service within its mobile appCarcassonne Interactive” geolocated circuits for the bikes but also pedestrian circuits and jogging.  For those who do not have a smartphone, paper versions are being created. At the same time, the tours have a cultural purpose, being punctuated by heritage points of interest. As part of our “Carcassonne ville vélo” policy, road bike circuits have also been created to accommodate individuals and groups.

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Setting up a partnership with the liO Train SNCF

In order to promote the possibilities of travelling in Carcassonne and in Occitania, the Municipal Tourist Office of Carcassonne has set up a partnership with liO train SNCF (regional train company) in order to offer a free Carca’Pass for the purchase of your evasiO’ ticket to Carcassonne and from all the stations of Occitania.

  • Did you know? The Carca’Pass is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase, so you can come back to the town several times.

Carcassonne’s Honey

In 2021, the City of Carcassonne has decided to plant 80 beehives on the City island and in the Montlegun arboretum, in collaboration with the Audois beekeepers Brigitte and Christian Thène. This action is part of the environmental policy led by the City to preserve biodiversity, particularly the fight against the announced disappearance of pollinating insects, which are essential to our survival.

Honey from Carcassonne is 100% locally produced: from production to harvesting, including communication, everything is done locally. The graphic design of the jars and the communication campaign were carried out by the City’s communication department. The production, harvesting and potting were carried out by the beekeepers Brigitte and Christian Thène from Montlaur.

  • On sale at all the Information Points of the tourist office
  • At a price of 7,50€ for 400g
  • All flowers” honey thanks to the diversity of Carcassonne’s flora: lime, mulberry, acacia, laurel, bramble, privet… but also all the flowers of inhabitants gardens!