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In Carcassonne and its surroundings

Find a selection of stays in Carcassonne and its surroundings. Whether you have a weekend or a week, you will find what you are looking for.

2 days/ 1 night

Stay Escapade in Carcassonne

          From 129 € / pers

  • Day 1 : The Medieval City of Carcassonne

Arrival in Carcassonne in the afternoon. Check-in at your 3* hotel, a 10-minute walk from the City. Visit of the Medieval City of Carcassonne, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997, for a tour of the Castle of the Counts and the ramparts of the city: the courtyards, the palace and the keep, the ramparts, the north and west ramparts, the presentation of the restoration of the city of Carcassonne by Viollet le Duc, in the form of a film and a model…

Stroll through the city, its streets and buildings will no longer hold any secrets: Narbonnaise Gate, a real defensive bastion, the outer ramparts, the lices and of course the basilica of St Nazaire St Celsus, of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Why not do a little shopping in the stalls and shops of art craftsmen… Cassoulet dinner in the town.

  • Day 2 : The Bastide and The Canal du Midi

Breakfast at the hotel. Via the old bridge, you will reach the lower town of Carcassonne: ‘la Bastide’, with free visits to the House of Memories, the Fine Arts Museum, the Saint Vincent Cathedral…. to finish at the marina, on the banks of the Canal du Midi. Lunch in the Bastide.

Embark on a 2-hour cruise on the Canal du Midi: a discovery along the water of this work of art classified as a World Heritage Site, the work of Pierre-Paul Riquet, built during the reign of the Roi soleil.

© J.Roche - Ville de Carcassonne
© Hôtel de la Cité

2 days/ 1 night

Wellness break : Spa & 4* hotel in the Medieval City

          From 160 € / pers

Relaxation, well-being and a change of scenery for this getaway in Carcassonne, in the Medieval City, in a 4-star hotel in a very quiet location. Out of time to recharge your batteries and take care of yourself.

Carcassonne, the Medieval City, is a historical place that takes you back to another time. Take advantage of this trip to stay a moment out of time. Taste the benefits of the Spa, the warmth of the hammam and the surprise of the sensory shower with natural products with unique textures.

The night will be sweet under the starry and illuminated sky of the famous Medieval City, in the rooms where modern comfort and elegance of the decoration mingle, and recall the History, the atmosphere of this Middle Ages so present: the History is an integral part of the places.

2 days/ 1 night

Stay in Carcassonne… Passionately…

         From 94 € / pers

A romantic getaway for lovers: Valentine’s Day all year round in Carcassonne!

Ideally located at the foot of the Medieval City of Carcassonne, you will be accommodated in a 3* hotel in a contemporary and warm style: Champagne, chocolates and delicacies are on the menu!

Breakfasts and meals are currently served in your room but as soon as the restaurants reopen, we will offer you dinner outside the hotel in Carcassonne and breakfast can be served as a buffet.) Leave with a surprise to prolong the gourmet pleasure of your stay…

“Honey, pack your bags! We’re both going away as lovers!” What woman wouldn’t want to be told that I’ll take care of everything… we’ll have nothing to do!

© Sébastien Carles

2 days/ 1 night

Gourmet moment and unique evening in the Medieval City

         From 181.50 € / pers

A unique evening in the Medieval City of Carcassonne.

A legendary historical setting for an evening with a gourmet dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant and a night in the heart of the City in a hotel****.

In the stylish setting of the Michelin-starred restaurant with its elegant woodwork and stained glass windows and a terrace offering a superb view, your dinner will be fine and gourmet.

The Chef and the pastry chef create with imagination and know-how a renewed traditional cuisine, refined and with subtle accents.

3 days/ 2 nights

City Break in Carcassonne the Medieval and Narbonne the Roman

          From 208€ / pers

Getaway for two to Carcassonne and Narbonne. Visit 2 historic cities in the South of France at your own pace. Ideal stay without car, for arrivals by train or plane in Carcassonne, from Brussels-Charleroi, London-Stansted, Liverpool or Dublin, Lisbon, to discover Carcassonne and Narbonne and their architectural treasures. Share the Mediterranean way of life while sitting on a café terrace, experience the atmosphere of the markets, meet the craftsmen, savour the cuisine and the good wines with a southern accent.

  • Day 1 : Arrival in Carcassonne

Discover the Roman city located 30 minutes by train from Carcassonne.

  • Day 2 : Narbonne, a southern City

Discover the Roman city located 30 minutes by train from Carcassonne.

  • Day 3 : Carcassonne and the Canal du Midi

Discover the natural heritage of Carcassonne with the banks of the Aude, the Canal du Midi and the Bastide Saint-Louis.

©Vincent Photographies
© C.G. Deschamps

3 days/ 2 nights

Charming castles & residences stay

          From 198€ / pers

Discover and visit the Cathar Country castles, the villages of character and the Roman abbeys.

  • Reception and dinner in a charming guest house in exceptional residences

  • Cruise on the Canal du Midi

  • Free visit of the Roman city of Narbonne

  • Guided visit of the abbey of Fontfroide

  • Guided tour of the Carcassonne’s Medieval City castle

  • Audio guided visit of the castle of Villerouge-Termenès

2 days/ 1 night

Stay ” Love in the woods »

          From 122.50 € / pers

To celebrate a special occasion or simply for the pleasure of sharing special moments together, the time of a romantic reunion…

This package includes :

  • One night for two people in one of the most “Cosy” cabins of the domain

  • Two evening menus and two breakfasts, served in your cabin

    Access to all the activities of the domain (depending on the season)

© Les Cabanes dans les bois
©Vincent photographie
©Sébastien Carles

7 days/ 6 nights with a group

Stay Around Carcassonne and the Cathar castles

          From 1450 € / pers

On arrival, a visit to Narbonne, the famous Roman town, then on to Caunes-Minervois where you will stay for 3 nights to explore the surrounding area. This charming village is known for its red marble, which is present on many world famous monuments, such as the castle of Versailles, Saint Peter’s in Rome, the capitol in Toulouse.

A day trip to Minerve is a great way to discover this pretty village, which is classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France. It is an unmissable destination because of the impressive gorges shaped by Mother Nature. The arrival on the site is spectacular.

A day in Carcassonne to discover 2 Unesco World Heritage sites, the Canal du Midi and the Medieval City. The next 3 nights will be spent at the Château des Ducs de Joyeuses in the Haute Vallée de l’Aude.

You will share these last days by going to the castle of Puilaurens, a royal fortress among the best preserved in the region.

We will end our stay at Rennes le château, where the mystery of Abbé Saunières’ treasure remains unresolved.

7 days/ 6 nights with a group

A Stay Around the Canal du Midi

         From 899 € / pers

You will start your stay in Narbonne, a Roman city with its famous Cathedral and its famous gourmet markets.

If you have visited Versailles, Rome or the capitol of Toulouse, you will discover where this marble comes from, by visiting its still exploited open air quarries. We will continue with Carcassonne and the Canal du Midi, two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Because the Aude is the sea, the countryside and the mountains, you will end your stay with a day around the mountains, which is the end of the mountains of the central massif.

You will discover the famous village of the book perched on a rocky spur, in the middle of the Cabardès vineyards. We end our stay with a walk around the Alzeau catchment and the famous rigole de la montagne noire. This magnificent 17th century architectural work is used to supply water to the Canal du Midi.

With this trip, the many facets of the Aude will no longer hold any secrets for you.

©Vincent Photographies