Halloween in Carcassonne

Come and thrill in the streets of Carcassonne

The mystical atmosphere of the Medieval City is perfect for a successful Halloween holiday! Get your costumes ready!

The Autumn school holidays are approaching.

What better way to enjoy the Halloween atmosphere than to spend a few days in Carcassonne? Be surrounded by towers, ramparts and historic buildings of all kinds, and maybe even come across some ghosts in the alleys

Wander the streets of Carcassonne with the henchmen of Dame Carcas and tremble over scary stories. 

© David Menidrey

Special Guided Tours (in french)

As a family or with adults, find two special Halloween guided tours to discover the stories of the Middle Ages in a fun and scary way.

  1. Halloween tour for Children (in french)
  2. Halloween tour for Adults only (in french)
  • Available on the 31th of October

Special Halloween Workshops

Medieval workshop

Heraldry, Wizards’ Coat of Arms

This autumn, you can use monstrous shapes (if you wish) to create your Wizard’s Coat of Arms and wear your protective shield proudly on Halloween.
Become a real wizard and discover the science of the Coat of Arms.

  • From 6 to 13 years old
  • From 12€
  • Available from 24 October to 4 November

Medieval workshop

Cooking, Spices and Flavours of Autumn

Spices were used to give flavour, to colour sauces and meats, but also to dye textiles, to cure, or to perfume.
During this workshop, our guide will teach you to recognise spices and their uses. They will no longer hold any secrets for you. He will reveal the recipe of the biscuits of happiness of the famous Hildegarde Bingen and will help you to make them.

You’ll go home with your own delicious biscuits, as well as a parchment with the recipes you’ve made so you can practice your skills and eat like a lord.

  • From 6 to 10 years old
  • From 12€
  • Available from 25 October to 3 November
  • May contain allergenic products

Medieval workshop

Calligraphy with Magic Potions

On the occasion of Halloween, come and use magic inks made with natural products (cabbage, lemon…) and discover the art of calligraphy with a calamus.

  • From 6 to 13 years old
  • From 6€
  • Available from 24 October to 6 November

More Medieval Workshops

To enjoy the medieval side of the City.




atelier travail du cuir carcassonne


atelier coiffe et danses médiévales carcassonne


Come and be transformed !


The students of the Art Création Beauté institute are happy to come and do your make-up for Halloween. Transform yourself into a clown, ghost, witch or princess for a day thanks to their know-how.

  • On the 31st of October
  • From 10am to 5:30pm
  • Old Office – Impasse Agnès de Montpellier in the Medieval City
  • Free

Guided tours of the Medieval City

to discover Carcassone’s history and secrets.

© Ju Photography

Find out about all the tours offered throughout the year.

  • À partir de 12€