The Grand Fireworks Display

of the Medieval City

Every 14th of July

The Medieval City of Carcassonne sets on fire !

A grandiose and unique show! Fired from the Medieval City, the Carcassonne fireworks are the world’s most famous event, attracting hundreds of thousands of people every year. It has become one of the most famous and most beautiful fireworks displays in France, lighting up the city’s sky every year since 1898. Come and watch this extraordinary and unforgettable show.

 The show is filled with the most fashionable pyrotechnics: golden rain, butterflies and whirlwinds, hearts and smiley faces, palm trees, stroboscopic stars, and much more…! The fireworks are fired at around 10.30pm but we advise you to arrive at least 2 hours early.

2022 was the year of innovation and originality with a 25-minute fireworks display themed “Les Feux de joie” (Bonfires)

And to celebrate its comeback, the city wanted to surprise the public with new features created especially for Carcassonne by the company Ruggieri, including a majestic light show. The ramparts will be illuminated with new colours to create a magnificent ballet of colour with the fireworks!

In keeping with its environmental policy, the town wanted this fireworks display to be responsible, using low-energy LED projectors and new-generation fireworks (no metals used, fireworks made of cardboard shells, no more use of aluminium foil replaced by cardboard plates…)

On the programme for the evening of 14 July:

6pm – Place Carnot : concert by Guy Lacroux (musette)

10.30 pm : Fireworks from the Medieval City

11pm – Place Carnot : concert by the group Zenith (pop rock variety)

Good to know

This show is free, there are no stands or seats to reserve.

To attend the fireworks show on the evening of 14 July at 10.30pm, and to be able to park without too many problems, we advise you to arrive in Carcassonne at the end of the morning or beginning of the afternoon at the latest. You can park in the large pay car parks near the City. Then, if you are in the Medieval City, you need to walk down to the city centre (20 minutes on foot) as you can watch the fireworks from the banks of the river Aude, or from the bridges over it, which face the city.

Think of the train too! Special trains are available from Toulouse and Limoux to attend the show. You will find information on trains, travel and parking below.


No parking places (not exhaustive)

Le Jeudi 14 Juillet de 5h à environ 12h.

Boulevard Omer sarraut, Boulevard Jean Jaurès, Rue de la République, Rue Bringer, Rue Armagnac, Rue Tomey, Square Lucie Aubrac.

  • From Wednesday 13th at 8pm until the end of the fireworks on 14th July

Rue des Calquières, Impasse des Calquières, Allée de Bezons, Boulevard Paul Sabatier et le Parking, Rue des Trois couronnes, Quai Bellevue, Parking de l’Ancienne Maternité, Square Gambetta, Place Gaston Jourdane, Place Léopold Verguet, Avenue Arthur Mullot, Rue Trivalle, Avenue Général Leclerc, Avenue Achille Mir, Rue Michel Maurette.

No traffic allowed

From 8am to 1pm : Boulevard Omer Sarraut, Avenue du Maréchal Joffre, Rue Jean Bringer, boulevard Jean Jaurès, Rue Armagnac, Rue Jules Sauzède.

At 2pm : Rue de Lorraine

From 3 pm : Rue des Calquières, Impasse des Calquières, Allée de Bezons, Boulevard Paul Sabatier et le Parking, Rue des Trois courrones, Quai Bellevue, Parking du Dôme, Square Gambetta, Place Gaston Jourdane, Place Léopold Verguet, Avenue Arthur Mullot, Rue Trivalle, Avenue Général Leclerc, Rue du Pont vieux, Rue Georges Brassens, Rue de la Digue, Rue Fabre d’Églantine, Carrefour Ozanam/ Liaison sud, Liaison nord vers la Cité, Chemin des Ourlets, Chemin des Anglais, Chemin du Trou du Loup, Pont Neuf.

From 6 pm : Rue Henri Fabre

Embrasement de la Cité Médiévale de Carcassonne

FAQ Special Fireworks

We answer your questions

Is there a charge for the show?
  • No, it is totally free.
  • There is no reservation possible, nor is there a stand to admire the show.
Can we see the fireworks from the old bridge ?
  • No. for safety reason, the Old bridge (Pont vieux) is not accessible during the fireworks.
Where can we park to see the fireworks ?
  • Due to thousands of people gathered for the Fireworks, it is difficult to get around by car. We advise you to park your car in one of the city’s car parks and to walk.
How to get around on the evening of the grand Fireworks Display ?
  • Concerning traffic and parking, a municipal decree (in french) is communicated by the Town Hall a few days before the event. We still advise you to limit your car movements as much as possible.
Is there a Fireworks on the 15 August and 31 December ?
  • No. The City of Carcassonne only offers a firework display on the 14th of July each year.

Good Places

Top 5 places to see the Fireworks

  1. Lie down in the grass on the banks of he Aude river and admire the show.
  2. Play Robinson Cruzoe and venture out to find a sport on the island of the City with a clear view of the Medieval City.
  3. Meet up with friends on the Pont Neuf and enjoy the view
  4. Get a good view of the fire from the Grazaille district.
  5. Take it easy at the Belvédère d’Auriac rest area (Narbonne-Toulouse direction) and let the magic happen.
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