Carcassonne Game Festival

Come play the game inspired by the city!

Whether it’s Medieval or Board Games, Carcassonne is in the spotlight throughout the weekend!

Many free activities throughout the weekend!

Saturday 9th of September from 10am to 6pm and Sunday 10th of September from 10am to 5pm in the Medieval City.

A journey through time through various historical universes with board games including Carcassonne, the world-famous game which was inspired by the city

The City Hall, Carcassonne Tourist Board, Asmodée France, Hans Im Glück and the Center des Monuments Nationaux are working very hard and  in partnership to put Carcassonne in the spotlight for a whole weekend !

The 2nd edition of the festival returns to Carcassonne.

Through the prehistoric period, the Roman era, the times of the Saracens, medievalism and board games, Carcassonne will be celebrated throughout the weekend.

Find animations in different temporal universes installed in the Medieval City of Carcassonne, with games tables, shows and workshops of all kinds on a very specific time.

Many goodies and surprises exclusive to this event are also planned throughout the weekend!

The programme:

Travel back in time in search of the City’s treasure!

  • Treasure hunt
  • Board games
  • 4 camps to visit: Roman Camp, Medieval Camp, Oriental Souk, Prehistory

Lots of entertainment:

  • Gladiatorial combat
  • Sword fighting
  • Calligraphy
  • Tearoom
  • Oriental dance
  • Tool and jewellery making workshop
  • and many more surprises!

in search of the City’s treasure….

Search for the 4 fragments on the map and go to the place where the big golden Meeple is hidden to save the City.

At the heart of the peaceful medieval city of Carcassonne lay the kingdom of Meeple. Governed by a powerful magic king, he always had a sacred map in his possession.

It is said that this map indicates the location of the treasure of the Cité de Carcassonne. Legend has it that the treasure is guarded by the Great Golden Meeple and that it will grant any wish.

One day, a menacing shadow tried to seize the king’s map and turned all the inhabitants into ghosts. King Meeple tried to repel the shadow with his powers, but failed.

Powerless against his enemy and forced to give him the sacred map, he tore it into four pieces, opened rifts in time and entrusted each of them to his most loyal subjects. He asked them to hide the fragments throughout time, in the hope that one day, heroes would come to liberate the City by reassembling the four pieces of map and using the City’s treasure to lift the curse.

The Carcassonne Tournament

in Carcassonne

As part of the Carcassonne Game Festival on 9 and 10 September 2023, the Grabuge club at Carcassonne MJC is organising the 4th Carcassonne National Game Championship.

The tournament is a qualifier for the world tournament in Germany. As well as an all-expenses-paid place at the world tournament, there will be lots of prizes to be won.

  • Registration is free of charge.