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An application to discover Carcassonne with interactive games and cycling or walking itineraries.

A Mobile app to discover Carcassonne

1 app, with unique routes and itineraries to discover from your smartphone!

The City of Carcassonne, in partnership with the Municipal Tourist Office, is going to offer you the opportunity to discover several sites in the city as you have never seen them before! Download the Carcassonne Interactive application for free and go on a unique experience. With this application, you will be able to discover the Medieval City with an escape game, walk through the streets of the Bastide Saint-Louis to discover its secrets with a game, learn about biodiversity at the Lac de la Cavayère with a game, discover Carcassonne with hikes, jogging routes and VTC (mountain bike) circuits. But also discover more of the Aude with road bike routes of more than 130km for the more specialised.

How does it work ?
  1. Download via the App Store
  2. Download via Google Play
  • Once you have downloaded the application, you need to be on site to start each activity.

Interactive games available for free all year round

(Re)discover the riches of the Bastide Saint-Louis

Discover the Bastide Saint-Louis as you’ve never seen it before in the form of a treasure hunt! Why were the ramparts of the Bastide Saint-Louis demolished? What is the history of the pillory of shame? During your tour, you will be given unusual and amusing information about history, legends and heritage in a very entertaining way thanks to new technology : augmented reality, 360° film, interactive puzzle, film, old postcards, quiz

  • For general public
  • Approximately 1 hour
  • Free acess 24h/7

Discovery of the biodiversity around the Cavayère Lake

Let’s learn to respect the richness of the natural environment. A playful tour of the lake to discover the biodiversity in its entirety. Here too, thanks to new technology, all the assets of this “lung” of Carcassonne will be highlighted. The interest of the waterhole, the wildlife present : birds, fish, turtles, insects, …. the importance of the root system of the trees for the perpetuation of the place…

  • For general public
  • Approximately 1 hour / 2 hours
  • Free acess 24h/
  • Departure from the car park of the lake

Outdoor Escape Game in the Medieval City

The director of the city’s museums calls on you to help him discover the relics of a mysterious “Order of the Cathar Knights“, as their mystery has lasted for over five hundred years. Join the quest, whose pace is accelerated by the competition of collectors! The director has gathered for you information that was previously kept secret. These will allow you to solve the riddles and finally open the sacred CRYPTEX!

  • Difficult game, recommended for ages 12 and up
  • Approximately 1 hour
  • Free access 24h/7
  • Departure in front of the statue of Dame Carcas


Running, walking and cycling itineraries


Also routes for people with reduced mobility

Two discovery tours of the Bastide Saint-Louis & the Medieval City have been created to allow people in wheelchairs with manual or electric assistance to discover these unique places

  • Available all year round, 24h/7
  • Accessible free of charge
  • geolocated tours