Tourisme et Handicap

Le label national « Tourisme et Handicap » permet de donner aux personnes handicapées une information fiable, homogène et objective sur l'accessibilité des sites et des équipements touristiques, et ce, pour les quatre grands types de handicap (moteur, visuel, auditif et mental).

Carcassonne Tourist Office has been awarded accreditation for:

  •  physical disability,
  •  mental disability,
  •  auditory disability.


Carcassonne Municipal Tourist Office has been involved since 2006 in acquiring and retaining Tourisme et Handicap accreditation in order to provide a quality service and accessible facilities for its clients. Two members of our front-desk staff have undergone training in the awareness of the needs of tourist office clients with disability.


Measures relating to physical disability:

Provision of a dedicated parking space complying with current standards and with protected wheelchair access to the nearby tourist office, accessible premises and disabled toilet facilities.


Measures relating to mental disability:

Clarity in the provision of thematically arranged brochures and publicity material.


Measures relating to auditory disability:

Provision, in our premises in the medieval City and the Bastide Saint Louis, of a welcome pack for the hard-of-hearing consisting of a rechargeable personal listening system (Comfort Duett) which enables a conversation to be amplified, as well as a magnetic MP3 headset for stereo listening without interference from hearing aids.


Provision of the tourist map of Carcassonne on a mobile phone for the deaf and hard-of-hearing via a QR tag.


Measures relating to visual disability:

Provision of a presentation of the city in Braille and in large print format. Audio-guides for use by accompanied visually handicapped persons.



The Carcassonne Tourist Office web site is also designed to be used, browsed and understood by all surfers, whatever software is employed: browsers using any operating system, Braille display and voice synthesising software..


Download this QR tag to your mobile device and you can access additional information in video format or images of the Carcassonne Tourism Plan accessible by the deaf or hard-of-hearing:


To explore the Aude Cathar Country using French sign language and learn about Tourisme et Handicap offers in real time, visit the Aude Tourist Board web site: