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A leading director of the post-war period, initiator of the New Wave, hailed during her lifetime as a rockstar in Hollywood, Agnès Varda is a source of inspiration for a whole new generation of filmmakers. Through her films, she has offered an offbeat work, open to the world, sensitive to the most fragile, often zany.

Agnès Varda established herself as a free woman, constantly unpredictable, as disconcerting in her journey as seductive in her pugnacity, her courage to follow through on her desire, however disconcerting it may be. She told a lot about herself, thus ensuring a monopoly on the narrative over her own work, rewriting her story and refining her legend. What if, beyond these official stories, the reality was even more extraordinary? It is the conviction that nourished the approach to this portrait where, for the first time, it is not Agnès Varda who tells her story but her relatives, her collaborators or her filmmaker peers, including her children Rosalie Varda and Mathieu Demy, but also Sandrine Bonnaire, Patricia Mazuy, Audrey Diwan and Atom Egoyan. Thanks to their testimonies and numerous archives, many of which have never been seen before, the film traces his extraordinary destiny which commands admiration.

Because if Agnès Varda made films, her greatest work is her. Her life is above all the story of a woman who is only interested in the present time, flourishing in a perpetual movement in constant phase with the times, of which her work is a fascinating mirror, which whether it is France or the United States.

Doors open at 9:30 p.m.

Screening in the presence of director Pierre-Henri Gibert and Jean-Claude Dreyfus

Pierre-Henri Gibert is the author of documentaries on History, Art and especially Cinema.

After an immersion in the history of the Collaboration with "1940, hands on French cinema" and that of the Russian pictorial revolution with "Rouge! Art in the Land of the Soviets" (co-written with Adrien Minard), he is illustrated in portraits of filmmakers such as “Jacques Audiard, cinema at heart” or “Alain Resnais, the audacious.”

Honored with a Special Mention at the Pessac International Historical Film Festival in 2019 for his series "L'Image originalelle", he notably had the joy of seeing his portrait of Volker Schlöndorff presented at the Bologna Festival in 2020. He also won the Grand Prix Varenne at FIGRA 2015 for his interactive documentary on The War of 14 through the arts.

Long live Varda! is his twenty-first documentary film. It was presented in the official selection at the Cannes Film Festival in 2023.


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