11 July 2024


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Words of Sara is a duo that highlights the texts of the American poet Sara Teasdale (1884–1933) thanks to its ethereal and timeless folk music. As a prelude, there is the discovery of a collection of poems entitled "Love Songs" belonging to the great-grandmother of Marina Anne Nolles, a Franco-American artist, Dorothy. This book was given to the latter by a childhood lover whom Dorothy was sadly never able to see again... It is therefore the story of an impossible love, undoubtedly experienced through the sweet poems of Sara Teasdale, that Marina brought back to life by putting these texts to music. In full confinement, Marina picks up her guitar and plays for herself, letting her primary influences shine through: Joni Mitchell, Laura Marling, Feist and Agnès Obel... She is called one day, the collection of poems open on the table, by the rhythmic prose of Sara Teasdale and subsequently composed around fifteen titles. Marina calls on Elodie Longuemart to accompany her on stage with her magnificent harmonies and vocal percussive ambiances...


Songs from where the eye falls. In the previous show, the argument was simple. Alone at home, I was waiting for my friends, accomplices, musicians, for a final rehearsal before the concert. Once we arrived, we started to play but some unforeseen events threw a bit of a mess into what must have been a serious moment. In the next show, the argument will be just as simple. Alone at home, I wait for my friends, accomplices, musicians, for a final rehearsal before the concert. They arrive and we start playing. However, along the way, information comes across that reminds us of recent, somewhat traumatic news. We are required to be in strict confinement with immediate effect. So here we are, cloistered at home, for an indefinite period. What are we going to play? Where to find inspiration? And above all, will there be enough beers? When it can no longer look outside, the eye settles on everyday objects, traces of the past, the heterogeneous memories of our dreamed and sung lives, to tell completely new stories... Stories of stairs, of peppers , wigs, 2CVs, covers and duvets and other ironic, nostalgic or painful episodes. Stories of us who are locked up. And free. Juliet

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  • The 11 July 2024 at 20:30 and at 22:00

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