08 July 2024




The Carcassonne 2024 Festival welcomes an extraordinary visual and auditory experience with «Stereo» from the Compagnie DCA/ Philippe Decouflé, where contemporary dance, technology and visual art merge to create a captivating sensory whirlwind. Let yourself be surprised by the overflowing creativity of Philippe Decouflé!


“It’s hard for me to write an argument, as I compose my shows like puzzles that each spectator can put together as he sees fit.
I thought of «Drastic Classicism» by Karole Armitage. An abundant punk rock energy, on the verge of breaking up, where dancers and musicians mingle and intertwine. It was a revelation to me.
I also thought of several films, including:
«Stop making sense», by Jonathan Demme, on a Talking Heads concert,
«Rude boy» by Jack Hazan and David Mingay, on a Clash tour,
«Phantom of the Paradise» by Brian De Palma, music by Paul Williams,
«An Endless Day» by Harold Ramis, with Bill Murray.
Stereo is the result of a desire for speed, brilliance, virtuosity, energy, rock'n roll. A raw energy that would be the foundation of the show, carried by a young team with multiple and complementary talents. Based on a rock trio – guitar, bass and drums – I am looking for a dance that is drawn, organic, that welcomes acrobatics as a pleasurable and spectacular complement, a dance that jumps and bounces, that bursts and springs, until breathless. The form is hybrid, between concert and show, and music and dance are one, together. The bodies oscillate between energy and hearing, speed and tenderness. It is also a game with time, which, as in life, contracts, stretches or repeats itself in infinite variations. Through these loops, we talk about love, always, we play, thwart and twist stereotypes and archetypes, to rearrange them in explosive combinations.”
Philippe Decouflé

Direction/ Choreography: Philippe Decouflé

Choreographic assistant: Alexandra Naudet

Performers: Violette Wanty, Aurélien Oudot, Eléa Ha Minh Tay, Olivia Lindon, Vladimir Duparc, Pierre Boileau Sanchez, Baptiste Allaert

Musicians: Arthur Satàn (guitar), Louise Decouflé (bass), Romain Boutin (drums) / With the exceptional participation of David Ghetto Original music Arthur Satàn, Louise Decouflé, Romain Boutin

Also: Oh Darling, The Beatles; In Every Dream Home a Heartache, Roxy Music; Tomorrow Never Knows, The Beatles; Get It On, T-Rex; Surf'in USA, The Beach Boys; Gut Feeling, Devo; Long Slow Goodbye, Queens of the Stone Age
Lighting and general management: Begoña Garcia Navas
Decor: Jean Rabasse assisted by Aurélia Michelin
Costume design: Philippe Guillotel assisted by Charlotte Coffinet, Catherine Coustère, Jean Malo Stylism Sabine Siegwalt, Anatole Badiali
Régie lumière: Grégory Vanheulle, Chloé Bouju (alternating)
Régie plateau: Léon Bony
Stage and costumes: Anatole Badiali
Sound Control: Pascal Mondaz
Construction: Atelier Devineau (decor), Guillaume Troublé (accessories)
Delegated production: Compagnie DCA/ Philippe Decouflé

Festival Montpellier Danse 2022; Chaillot - Théâtre national de la Danse; La Villette, Paris; Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg; Châteauvallon- Liberté, scène nationale; Théâtre Sénart, Scène nationale; Théâtre Gymnase Bernardines, Marseille; Maison de la Culture d'Amiens - European centre for creation and production; MA scène nationale - Pays de Montbéliard; Créteil - Maison des Arts; La Comète, Scène nationale de Châlons- en-Champagne

Stereo received support for the creation of the Île-de-France Region.

Compagnie DCA is an independent company, subsidized by the Ministry of Culture (DRAC Île-de-France), the Île-de-France Region, the Seine-Saint-Denis Department and the City of Saint-Denis, where it is located. It also benefits from the support of the Caisse des Dépôts.

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  • The 08 July 2024 at 21:30

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